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Recently, Google (as de facto rulers of the internet) have decided to fully implement the most dangerous warnings about un-protected websites.
Up to now they've only been toying with us, like a cat fiddles with a mouse until he's ready to bite off its head and eat it whole.
You can't say you weren't warned.

G has been talking about this for months, testing the notices and site warnings and bragging how much this will improve security.
Remember: when somebody as big and as powerful as Google tells you "this is for your own good...This is to protect you.."

BTW, Aloha from Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte

in beautiful Maui, Hawaii.
Providing marketing services to local businesses allows us to live a pretty sweet life. We get to work from home, spend as much time with family as we want and the work is rewarding.

It wasn't so easy when we first started. In fact, both of us damn near quit out of frustration and lack of clients and money.

We tried selling local businesses on high ticket services like SEO, Reputation Management, and Social Media.

Results? We didn't get a single client!

Selling these types of services when you have no clients and no reputation is IMPOSSIBLE.

Offline consultants like us need an inexpensive service...

Ready? We think we found It, and early results are the best we've ever seen!
Not 1 out of 100 of your future clients even knows this Google SSL requirement is coming and the few that do have NO CLUE what to do about.

Google will be massively punishing websites lacking SSL certificates.


Google, never known for subtly, keeps ramping up the warnings.

Talk about KILLING a business!...This is the massacre we're talking about.

Tons of local businesses will get hit with the worst of these and not be prepared.
Starting in October of this year, the Google Chrome browser has started frightening website viewers by showing them the above in their address bar on pages with any forms if you don't have a secure (SSL/HTTPS) website.

Over the last couple of weeks many of the local businesses in your area have already received an email that looks like the following, letting them know how serious Google is about this:
The Majority of Web Visitors will see this
unless you do something.
So, Why Worry?

Because Google Chrome is the world's most popular browser so about half your web traffic (and probably more) is from visitors that use the Chrome browser (desktop or mobile)...and that percentage is only going UP.

AND the average web user has no idea this is a big push by Google to make the web a safer place, to reduce information theft and curtail some hacking activity.

Visitors are simply going to think it's YOUR prospects website that is "insecure."

...and many will avoid it like the plague.
BUT, take heart, this is a huge opportunity for you as a digital agency owner to offer a Perfect Fix-It service.

We're tempted to call this a "Foot-In-The Door" service, but it's more like a total GATE CRASHER.

Honestly, we've never seen anything with this much marketing power!
No Clients? No Problem.
Our SSL Sniper Lead Software
Finds Them For You...
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*Important: Software Works In Any Country
Is This Google Massacre INEVITABLE?
Yes, its a speeding train headed right for all the local businesses in your area.

Google initially decided to "soft launch" their changes. Think of it as the "carrot" approach.

BUT, with the carrot approach not working like Google would like, now they're reaching for the stick.

...eventually all HTTP pages will be marked as non-secure with a red warning triangle NO ONE can miss.
When You Help Local Businesses Secure Their Websites, Clients Will Look To You For Other Services... And Hire You.
When you follow the strategies laid out in SSL Sniper you'll be able to quickly and easily help local businesses in your area secure their websites.

They will see you as their TRUSTED DIGITAL EXPERT. This makes selling other higher priced services a piece of cake.
Imagine how different your business will be when you're getting fees like this...
Or Payments Like These...
Inside Our New Training We Reveal EVERYTHING You Need To Start Making Money Right Away Even If You're Brand New.

Module 1 - What is SSL & HTTPS?

SSL & HTTPS Explained
3 Types of SSL Certificates
Why SSL Is THE BEST FITD for 2018

Module 2 - Using SSL Sniper Lead Software

Dashboard Overview
How To Do A Lead Search Integrating Mailjet
Emailing Leads From SSL Sniper
Saving & Exporting Leads

Module 3 - Installing SSL

Clients Hosting (Your Secret Weapon) 
Where to Get SSL Certificates
Installing Purchased SSL with Cpanel
Securing a Site With Cloudflare

Module 4 - Prospecting

Cold Email Template
Pricing Strategies
Just A Part Of What You'll Discover
  • The secret structure to setting up your SSL business that'll have prospects begging to sign up!
  • ​Exactly Where to Find the ideal client for your business style
  • How to perform and deliver the SSL service and charge for monthly maintenance.
  •  The Misunderstood Secret Of Why Google Is Pushing SSL So Much
  •  Caution! Why people fail with just SSL software
  •  The simplest, easiest way to close a Client with NO PRESSURE
  •  The WORST mistakes you can make with SSL Marketing
  •  How to pay a little to get others to do the 'dirty work' for you.
  •  The clever way we go from 'little starter sale' to bigger and bigger sales.
  •  What SUCKS And How To Avoid It
  •  The sexy way Google will FORCE all your clients and prospects to sign up with you.
  •  Believe it or not there are ways to NEVER meet or talk to a client. 
  •  Why the public's brainwashing by Google Only helps you make money
Special Launch Price Has Ended
Like Any New Service, You're Entitled to Ask, "Can I Even Do This"
Unequivocally, the answer is YES. We're so sure because we've already been training folks in our mastermind and have perfected our simple approach.

There is the expensive approach, the time consuming, complex approach, AND thankfully, our easy approach.

You'll make a great profit on your first client...after that its all gravy.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why Won't Clients Do It All themselves?
98% won't. Of all things that most clients hate, it's dealing with computer and internet stuff. The average business owner is middle-aged and has no patience. For the modest fees we charge, they will (and are) jumping at this service. 
What if Everyone Starts Doing This?
That will never happen. While this is sure to be discovered by more marketers and SEO people, its one of the biggest 'Nest'" of clients we've ever seen. Its just not possible to over-saturate it.
Is it a complicated or very technical service?
With the wrong training or no training it could be.  We've been streamlining this process since the moment we realized what was coming from Google. It's as close to copy and paste as you'll find.
Does This Take A Lot of time?
No, and thats what so surprising! You'll be a believer when you use our training materials and support. After finishing your first client for SSL Service, you'll be a pro.
Is this REALLY different?
We think so, and so do the testers we gave it to.  This is a service that business site owners will HAVE to engage with at some point... even if they only collect emails onsite! 
Has this worked for others?
We've only had a few early testers but so far all gotten positive feedback from clients, including return calls and appointments.
Does this require in-person visits?
NO this is one service that can successfully be performed REMOTELY. You can email and also use the phone and direct clients to your sign-up form and website for more information.
Is there really good profit in this?
ABSOLUTELY. In fact after any costs (including your investment in this training) you'll make a sizebale profit on your first client.
How Soon Do I Start Seeing Money?
Usually pretty quickly, maybe a week or even less. Most are getting prepaid before they start.
If It's so Good Why Don't you charge more?
Simple...we actually make most of our earnings from Local Clients, not from product launches and you. We can afford to give you a good deal.
Our SSL Sniper Strategy Has Prospects Always Requesting Our Services
But Don't Take Our Word For It.
Look At The Results Others Are Getting With SSL Sniper
Special Launch Price Has Ended
If You're Still Unconvinced, PLEASE READ THIS...
It never fails whenever we produce a new training product we always hear from a few marketers who say, "sorry guys, but I know all this, its not going to help me."

If you really know ALL this (not likely) and apply it like we teach, then you are missing something, because it does work.

However, if you are just ASSUMING it couldn't work then you're cheating yourself.

Google is certainly real, and what they're doing to every website listing is real and publicized all over the internet.

Most strategies that work are disguised in a very simple outside. They rarely look amazing.

You can sit and watch other consultants make buckets of easy money OR you can get in early and make a small fortune yourself.
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Our Cold Email Prospecting Crash Course
Backstage access to a training our Private Shark Alliance Members run through to be successful with Cold Email. And to really make it count, We're also going to give you 2 email templates!

100% 30 Day "No Worries" Guarantee

Use SSL Sniper as we show you for 30 days. Really take action! If you show us that you gave it a fair shot and didn't get any results, we will happily refund your money!

Bottom line is this works 100% if you take action! If you're the type of person who just wants to see what the new shiny object is and then immediately ask for a refund, please don't buy and save us both the hassle.

We're here to HELP YOU. If you have any questions please send us an email and we'll do our best to help you!

IMPORTANT! This isn't some vague general training on installing SSL.

This is a step-by-step showing you EXACTLY how we use this to get clients. No guessing, no roadblocks.

SSL Sniper works so well because it was designed by Offline Consultants...for Offline consultants.
Special Launch Price Has Ended
New To Offline Or Experienced
We Help You Get RESULTS
There's a reason why our training business has grown so much over the last year; Results.

Whether you're just starting out or established and already working with local businesses, ANYONE can get better results, faster results and easier results.

And, to make absolutely sure you get results, we've laid everything out in easy-to-follow video training. Plus you get access to us via email if you have any questions.
An Offline Sharks Product Launch
Earnings Disclaimer
We don't believe in get rich programs - only in hard work, adding value and serving others. Our programs are intended to help you improve your business skills and encourage you to take action so you can build your business. Our programs take a lot of work and discipline just like any worthwhile endeavor or professional continuing education program. Please don't enroll in our programs if you believe in the "money for nothing get rich quick" ideology; we only want serious people who want to work hard to build their business. As stipulated by law, in promoting this and all our programs we use illustrative numbers only and we cannot and do not make results guarantees or give professional or legal advice. That's why it's important that you read all of our terms and earnings disclaimers via the link below as you are not guaranteed to get results or earn an income. It's all the regular legal disclaimers but we feel transparency is important and we hold ourselves (and you) to a high standard of integrity. That's why we also put our disclaimers on all our checkout pages. Thanks for stopping by.